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Product UX/UI Designer

Hey, I'm Roman.

I'm a Product UX/UI designer (a hybrid user experience and interface designer) with 15+ years of experience designing digital products for a range of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies and their end-users.

I’m driven by my passion to create functional and intuitive digital products.
My areas of expertise:

 ● UX/UI design of iOS and Android apps
 ● UX/UI design of Web apps and websites
 ● UX/UI design of Windows and MacOS apps
 ● Creating corporate identity, branding materials

I’m crazy about design, love my profession and hobbies: sound design 🎹,
audio engineering 🎧, photography 📷, downhill mountain biking 🚵.

Currently based in SeattlePalm Harbor, FL🏝

Design is thinking made visual.
Saul Bass

Design Thinking

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Just Ship It!
Develop a deep understanding of the challenge. Research the problem, audience, current solution's strengths and weakness.

What is the problem?
Combine research and observe where your users’ problems exist. Clearly articulate the problem we want to solve.

Why is it important?
Brainstorm potential solutions, select and develop your solution. IA and wireframes creation.

How do we solve it?
Build a representation of one or more of your ideas. Create interaction prototype.

How do we create it?
Share the prototype with real users to gather feedback.

Does it work?
Create redline docs, final UI design system.

Yes! It works.:)

UX/UI Design Toolkit

Many thanks to everyone I worked with,
who made my success possible.:)

LinkedIn Recommendations

"Roman was the best UX designer I have worked with. His ability to think of the users for designing mobile apps sets him apart from the rest of the talent. He has great attention to detail and is able to execute swiftly without missing any of the important features."
Simon Yu
Co-Founder & CEO
StormX, Inc.
"Roman has a command of design and user experience customization that I have never seen before. Roman's designs were beautiful, sleek, elegant, yet simple. Roman understood our customers very well, and as such was able to help customize user flows that directly enhanced our customer's ability to navigate and use our app. Roman redesigned all of Storm's icons, images, and app layout. With his expertise, we were able to completely transform the way users interacted with the Storm Play app. Roman was also able to work under very tight deadlines and produce items within a moment's notice when needed."
Shane Kremer
Co-Founder & CEO
StormX, Inc.
"Roman is an extremely gifted designer. He can jump into any request design related and transform the piece, product and company. His curiosity and generosity shine through in every project. He is a wonderful teammate, colleague and person. An absolute delight. Any company that has the chance to hire Roman is incredibly lucky."
Tara Rae
Chief Operating Officer
StormX, Inc.
"Roman is an ingenious designer who can quickly produce large volumes of high-quality artifacts and wireframes. He is very conscientious and has always been enjoyable to work with. We very much appreciated his dedication and hard work."
Sean Zhong
Chief Technology Office
StormX, Inc.
"Roman is one of the most talented designers I’ve ever worked with. His mocks are gorgeous and his comps are pixel perfect. Roman has an eye for UX that matches his UI design chops. Always willing to go the extra mile, his impact on the quality of our product was unmistakable. A great human and skilled professional, recommended without reservation."
Jason Child
Director Of Engineering
StormX, Inc.
"Roman is a brilliant designer and a pleasure to work alongside. His knack for understanding users and his speed of execution make him a vital asset to our team. I really appreciated his approach to design and the quality of his assets..."
Alex Hidalgo
Product Manager
StormX, Inc.
"I had the pleasure of working with Roman through the first years of Mixer, a games live-streaming service at Microsoft. Roman was one of the first designers we hired and he was responsible for designing Mixer Create, our mobile broadcasting application. He is talented, dedicated, and carries himself with a professionalism that is rare to find. His speed is complemented by a his breadth of experience designing across devices. I cannot recommend him enough."
James Liu
Principal Design Manager
Mixer (Xbox, Microsoft)
"I've had the good fortune of having Roman on my team for about a year and a half, and can say without reservation that Roman is one of the best designers I've worked with. Regardless of the stage of the project, he reliably took a well-practiced and detailed eye to the design of each feature, and he always saw his projects through to successful release with all of the necessary iterations along the way. From among Roman's skills, I've come to appreciate Roman's eye for style most. When we rebranded, his work was central to establishing the new brand look (which he created) across our product in a way that was both elegant and pragmatic to build. Roman possesses a set of skills that is hard to find, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him."
Andrew Gu
VP of Product
Thunder, Inc.
"Roman is a creative genius. He managed to rebrand our whole company and redo our digital presence in a very short, compressed amount of time. His attention to detail also ensured no mistakes were introduced in this accelerated timeline for rebrand. His focus didn't end with his deliverable; instead, he'd continue to monitor the downstream work of others who translated his assets and designs into code to ensure nothing was missing or even off by a little. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Roman and am very proud of the work we did together."
Victor Wong
Thunder, Inc.
"Roman and I worked together in both of our last positions at Glympse, and he was a great asset to our team in terms of improving the usability of the products across our portfolio. Specifically, he was a huge help in designing improved experiences for the consumer apps I was responsible for, based on requirements I provided and his wealth of experience in the industry."
Christina S. Green
Product Manager
Glympse, Inc.
"One of the best designers that I've personally worked with. His pixel-perfect designs were a key reason that we could pre-sell our "product" before we had coded anything. Roman has continuously exhibited high level of independence, creativity, and collaboration. He joined the team and delivered at rapid pace right off the bat. I worked with Roman very closely and was always impressed by different angles through which he can view a problem. Roman is a guy who can deliver high quality output even under stressful situations. Can't recommend him enough and would love to work with him on any project."
Vageesh Kumar
Co-Founder, Head of Product
Jova, Inc. (ResolutionTube/Digital Manufacturing)
"Roman is a very detail oriented designer and at multiple instances displayed intellect as well as creativity to think outside the box. He has a great attention to detail and executes with a high level of precision and technical accuracy. Overall, he has excellent talent, displayed great work ethic and is absolutely a delight to work with!"
Arnav Anand
Founder & CEO
Jova, Inc. (ResolutionTube/Digital Manufacturing)
"It has been a pleasure to work with Roman guiding him through many project difficulties. He is a resourceful, responsible, enthusiastic guy. He brings ideas to life, cares about learning and helps others to reach goals within time and budget."
Anna Barzakouskaya
Lead Project Manager
Cactussoft, Inc.
"Roman is very creative person, highly skilled designer, he has great feeling of Customer's needs. It is easy to work with him - he is able to create a perfect balance between the guide and creative freedom. Roman has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently, and is able to perform multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner."
Gregory Katzman
Exadel, Inc.
"From August 2002 to January 2006 Raman Silich has worked in the position as chief designer for me. He always handled his duties to my complete satisfaction and with great enthusiasm and commitment.  His assignments included website design, the creation of animated films, and software design. I know and appreciate him as independently thinking and responsible and always reliable staff. Thanks to his creativity, coupled with the understanding of practical approaches, the GUI of our software became very customer friendly, clear and easy to use.  In addition to his professional qualifications, Mr. Silich is characterized by his optimism, kindness and ability to work in a team.  Mr. Silich was a very valued employee that I fully recommend for the position as a leading designer. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call me."
Robert Ramholz
Founder & CEO
Climbway, Inc.
"We made three or four design projects for mobile applications. They were from the simplest one for reading russian popular newspaper Kommersant till the hardest project for listening music and get info for billboard.com and microsoft.com. All ideas were realized with care for the result."
Alexey Petrovskikh
Head of mobile solutions department
Mail.Ru Group
"Raman worked as an art director at CactusSoft in 2010-2013. He has realized great design projects for our clients (mostly mobile UI). Raman also supervised a team of designers at CactusSoft."
Vera Reshetina
Co-Founder & CEO
CactusSoft, Inc.
Years Experience
Long Live Rock 'n' Roll!
Completed Projects
~500+ projects
_ _
English, Belarusian, Russian,
Ukrainian, Czech

My Experience

I'm a Product UX/UI designer (a hybrid user experience and interface designer) with 15+ years of experience designing digital products for a range of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies and their end-users.

I’m driven by my passion to create functional and intuitive digital products.

My areas of expertise:

∙ UX/UI design of iOS and Android apps
∙ UX/UI design of Web apps and websites
∙ UX/UI design of Windows and MacOS apps
∙ Creating corporate identity, branding materials

Currently based in SeattleTampa Bay area, FL🏝

About Me
2019 — Present

Microsoft / PAX

Working with the PAX (Partner App Experience) team on the open source Microsoft Graph Toolkit — collection of reusable, framework-agnostic web components. The project is intended to be a developer toolkit of Custom Web Components which supports the Microsoft Graph.

Responsibilities include:
∙ User experience flows, visual user interface design for all Microsoft Graph Toolkit components
∙ Designed an accessible and flexible design system for Microsoft Graph Toolkit
∙ Collaborated with developers and PMs to create new cross-platform apps based on MGT
∙ Created visual designs and templates for marketing materials
∙ Managed multiple projects at once and deliver high quality work
Web app
Surface Duo
Surface Neo
Design System
2018 — 2019


StormX is a global, mobile-first earning marketplace to bring job-makers and job-doers together. 'Earn anytime, from any place, on any device.'

Responsibilities include:
∙ User experience flows, visual user interface design of Storm Play app (iOS, Android, Web)
∙ Create and maintain design systems for Storm Play apps (iOS, Android, Web)
∙ Collaborated with the product and engineering teams
∙ Created visual designs and templates for marketing materials
∙ Managed multiple projects at once and deliver high quality work
Web app
2017 — 2018

Microsoft Xbox / Mixer

Mixer was an American video game live streaming platform. The service officially launched on January 5, 2016, as Beam, under the ownership of co-founders Matthew Salsamendi and James Boehm. The service carried an emphasis on interactivity, with low stream latency and a platform for allowing viewers to perform actions that can influence a stream.

Responsibilities include:
UX flows, visual user interface design of:
∙ Mixer Create app (iOS, Android)
∙ Mixer Consumption app (iOS, Android)
∙ Mixer.com website (not implemented yet)
∙ Mixer (Xbox)
∙ Mixer integration into Minecraft (iOS, Android)
∙ Mixer integration into the game bar of Windows 10 OS
∙ Collaborated with the product and engineering teams.
∙ Mixer design system creation.
Web app
Design System
2015 — 2017


Thunder Creative Management Platform removes creative friction to allow advertisers to build more ads, faster. By doing so, Thunder scales ad creatives across devices, formats, and volume.

Responsibilities include:
∙ User experience flows, wireframes
∙ Visual user interface design
∙ Collaborated with the product and engineering teams
∙ Design logo, corporate identity

Clients: Hearst, Tribune, Time Warner, Charter, Dex Media, Yellow Pages Group, InterContinental Hotels Group, Open Sky Media and others.
Web app
2014 — 2015


Jova's mobile-first platform gives non-desk workers data-driven insights about their customers with intelligent recommendations to revolutionize field sales and service.

Responsibilities include:
∙ User experience flows, wireframes (iOS and web apps)
∙ Visual user interface design (iOS and web apps)
∙ Collaborated with the product and engineering teams
∙ Participated in meetings with clients to determine goals, solve problems and produce design decisions
∙ Offered problem solving solutions to satisfy both user and business needs
∙ Design logo, corporate identity

Clients: Barron, Northwest Mechanical, BelRed, Andgar, Cascade, Kanon Electric, Barron Heating & Air Conditioning, Kemly Electric, Sea-Tac Electric, Pioneer Plumbing, Dr. Cool Heating and Air Conditioning.
iPad app
Web app
2013 — 2014


Glympse™ is the pioneer of person-to-person time-based location sharing technology. With an intuitive design and enhanced features, the company easily integrates location sharing into everyday activities, meetings and events.

Responsibilities include:
∙ User experience flows, wireframes and visual user interface design for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Samsung Gear, Mirrorlink, car onboard computers, Xbox, web apps and websites.
∙ Collaborated with the product and engineering teams.
∙ Created and executed concepts for advertising projects and campaigns.
∙ Print design, corporate Identity.

Clients & Partners: Tesla, Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Pioneer, Mini Cooper, Walmart, Comcast, DirecTV, Samsung, Pizzahut, American Airlines, Delta, Verizon, Garmin, Mirrorlink, Kik, Blackberry, Gogo and others.
Real-time location
Web app
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